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Indian Army, on behalf of Govt of India/Ministry of Defence, is maintaining an account named Armed Forces Battle Casualties Welfare Fund, which accepts donations for families of battle casualties from the Army, Navy and Air Force. The donations received in the fund are utilized to pay financial assistance to Battle Casualties of Army, Navy and Air Force, their next of kin and dependents.

A part of the profit on each product goes to this welfare fund.

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Every year close to 150000 accidents happen on the roads of India. One of the major reasons for these accidents is collisions with stray animals. Our motivation behind this initiative is the security of animals and riders during night hours, especially when it's foggy. A collar with the name and emergency contact information of the Vet written on it is tied around the neck of the street dog. These are the radium collars to enable the drivers to spot dogs in the dark as well.

With every three products sold, a street dog gets a new collar and a name with it.

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Around the globe ‘World Hunger Day’ is marked on May 28 and the stark reality is that for one-fourth of Indians, from the poor, underprivileged, elderly, and homeless sections of society, every day is a hunger day with no means for adequate food or nutrition. The situation is particularly poignant in respect of children considering the fact that half of all kids younger than three years old in India weigh too little for their age.

With every two products sold, we donate a meal for one person/one person gets its one time meal.

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