Corporate Social Responsibility

Eco-Friendly & More Sustainable Process

We tend to reduce our carbon footprints and build a better world for the future. Here, at MODE we strive to reduce the waste produced from packaging & in the supply chain. So, we are now transforming to no-plastic packaging & more use of Sustainable, Biodegradable Process.

We do not recommend to use Polyester Mix fabrics

Polyester is a from of Plastic. yes, it can be recycled but when it's only Polyester. The moment you blend it with some other material, percentage of recycling the product drop by 86%. That's the reason why we do not recommend to use Polyester Blend products. Instead use pure polyester or pure other material product. And Recycle the Polyester Product.

Product Recycling

With our unique system we track our cloths & other products to the whole of their life span. Sending reminder to consumer about the cloth. If it's not in use then give it back to us. We also take non-MODE products for recycling. Give it to your nearby MOD Life shop or send parcel to our HO we give you the parcel amount & even coupons, Offers & Gift Cards. Give your cloths & other products a new life with MOD Life.

Product Upcycling

Next step from recycling is upcycling. Upcycle your cloths and products as you want. DIY. Rejovunate Product is a new niche. As we mention we track our products upto their lifetime so, at any moment you want to re-use your old products you can anytime get in touch with us. We are here to help. Going green, sustainable & eco-friendly is in our hands. Watch our videos to upcycle products.