About us

Short n Sweet story of ours

The Journey

Started as a custom T-Shirt printing business in 2019 now, MOD Life, helps Businesses, Start-ups, Firms & Events to Grow/ Promote themselves. We help people to modify their lifestyle and their presence that is the reason we say come "MODify Your Presence" We are into promotions, merchandising and branding business for the past two years; serving to our clients sincerely. Till date, we served our consumers & clients offline and now marching towards the online approach. We believe to work on our values which are Discipline, Dedication and Development. These values lead us to achieve our Vision and Mission. Pages from Social Media (Influencers), Groups - Troups, Designers & Users can also make money through our Affiliate program. We guarantee the lowest prices and best quality in the market. This is the reason behind the strong relationship with our customers and clients. MOD Life is not just any custom printing business but our USPs make us stand different in the mob.


A vision that we look forward to

To be the brand that modifies lifestyle of one, a brand that can be trusted and relied upon

'Life' in the name MOD Life stands for Lifestyle and our vision is based on the same. Our vision is quite simple but at the same time quite complex to achieve. We see ourself as a brand that one can and should trust. We strive to give the best of lifestyle one can have.


A mission we strive for

To provide quality products in low prices where customization is key

Giving end-user the right to decide their own lifestyle, their own product, the colour or graphic or design they want, the way they want is actual freedom and that is our key "The Customization". We make a bond with consumers by providing reliable, promising products and services. We at Mod Life also thinks about the economy of customers so do we say "WE ARE CHEAP! NOT IN QUALITY BUT IN PRICES".

Why Choose Us

Reasons to get along with MOD Life

Vocal for Local

MADE ON DEMAND ENTERPRISE is born and grown in India. Support us and help us serve you in more better ways. Let's make MOD Life a brand together. #Vocal_for_Local

Prices & Quality

Behind all the customization of colour, design, we (MOD Life) provides end user to select from standard to highest quality of their products. And you pay for what you have selected. However, all the products @MOD are searved with standard quality.

Free Shipping

Yes! No shipping charges at all on selected products, and No minimum order requirement. The product will reach at your doorstep within 7 days of shipping. Applicable all over the India.

No MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)

Mod Life provides Exclusive Printing on products. We do not bother about quantity! From single to bulk all orders are welcome. The Same is with Blank products. Single to Bulk, get your order fulfilled.

MOD Store

Your products on our site! Mod Life proudly presents the way to take your Merchandise online. Design - Sell - Earn - Repeat. Enquire for Corporate marchandising/ goodies store.


Are you a printing shop owner, have some ideas to be printed, have some stinct in custom exclusive designed products? Then we have something special for you. Special pricing on our products and as you've already heard we got NO MOQ so no tension. Order as per your strength - Print - Earn. Just register yourself as B2B partner.